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Change New High Qualigty Engine Oil Change New High Quality Oil Filter Change New High Quality Air Filter Clean & Flush Oil Inlet And Outlet Pipe, ensure No Obstruction Of Carbon And Sludge Crank The Engine Before Operating To Higher RPM


1. Change new recommended quality oil and air-filters.
2. Chnage recommended engine oil.
3. Pre-oil the turbo oil inlet.
4. Change new oil inlet pipes or flush the oil inlet pipes to remove flakes of carbon deposits.
5. Ensure oil supply at least 0.5kgf/m² or 7psi within 3 seconds of 1st engine start.
    (If possivle, use oil gauge to measure) 6. Mount turbine inlet to engine manifold.
7. Attach oil inlet pipe to turbo and crank the engine a couple of times untkl oil flows out of the turbo oil outlet hole.
    Then attach the oil drain pipe.
8. Connect remaining air piping hoses.
9. Ensure that all bolts, screws and nuts are tightened.


1. Allow the engine to idle for 5 minutes before operating at higherr rpm.
2. Check for unusual noises and leaks.
3. Do not operate the turbo if you suspect problems; consult us immediately.

*** It is advisable that you read and follow this installation guide before any attempts.

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