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Our missions are:

I. Innovation for Better

GREEN·X technology pursuits the endless INNOVATION for better human life. GREEN·X technology of G2X wheel drives the turbocharged vehicles to get cleaner emission and higher fuel efficiency as well as better engine performance.

II. The Best Choice of Practical Solution

GREEN·X turbochargers will be the best choice for the following demands and customers;

1. Brand new turbocharger suitable for the vehicle over 5~10 years
2. Brand new turbocharger with reliable quality and good price
3. Brand new turbocharger suitable for upgrading engine performance
4. Customer who want to avoid any risk from uncertainty of rebuilt products
5. Customer who want to avoid any risk from unreliable quality of unknown brand products

III. The Best Service as a Turbocharger Specialist

Based on in-depth experience for dealing in full range of turbochargers such as after-service, replacement, upgrade, motor sports from GREEN·X, OE (Garrett, Borgwarner, MHI) and MOBIS, we, TC&TC Corporation, promise that all customers will get the best service for everything related to turbochargers.

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