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1. Proposition of GREEN·X turbochargers

Appearance of turbocharged GDI gasoline engine as well as continuous increase in turbocharged diesel engine drives turbocharger demand of after-market to jump up rapidly. Turbocharger production cost has been increased continuously due to high pressure from emission control as well as from high engine performance. These tendency has pushed car makers to use VGT for diesel engine and WGT integrated with exhaust manifold for gasoline engine, it caused higher cost of turbocharger than before. The expensive turbochargers have forced owner of turbocharged vehicles to pay high cost for new turbochargers when turbochargers are out of order. Even though owners of vehicles tried to use a rebuilt turbocharger instead of new units, there have been many owners who were not satisfied with quality of the rebuilt units.
Also some imitation turbochargers are available at a low price, but it is very difficult to trust quality of the cheap imitation turbochargers. Most of owners want to buy a reliable quality turbocharger at a low price. That is the reason why GREEN·X turbochargers exist at the moment.
In conclusion, GREEN·X turbochargers were developed so as to quench the thirst of reliable quality turbocharger at a low price.

2. System of GREEN·X turbochargers

As a result of long preparation, development of GREEN·X turbochargers has been completed successfully.
GREEN·X turbochargers will offer an owner of turbocharged vehicle a practical solution based on better performance as well as reliable quality.
All GREEN·X turbochargers are produced in Changzhou plant which is the best location for getting skillful employees as well as low labor cost. An application engineer with experience over 20 years in OE company has full responsibility for the quality of GREEN·X products. And most of managers in the plant have an experience of work in OE turbocharger companies.
All process except for the production has done in Korea such as product planning, marketing, sales, logistics and so on.

3. Vision of GREEN·X turbochargers

GREEN·X is a Korean brand specialized in turbochargers.
The brand of GREEN·X was officially registered in Korean Intellectual Property Office.
Full line up of Korean applications will be ready under the brand of GREEN·X first.
Later GREEN.X products will be expanded to other applications based on demand from global market continuously.
GREEN·X will be the best choice of practical solution in turbocharger.

4. Features of GREEN·X turbochargers

All GREEN·X turbochargers have a G2X compressor wheel which has better performance and high efficiency.
The G2X compressor wheel was developed by the most advanced technology of GREEN·X Design Team.
The below compressor map shows that efficiency of G2X wheel is 3~5% better than that of the existing OE product.

The G2X wheel affects positively the followings:
  - Better torque in the range of middle and high speed
  - Better driving performance due to better acceleration
  - Better fuel consumption caused by higher efficiency of compressor

In conclusion, GREEN·X is the best choice of practical solution in turbocharger.

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