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Features of GREEN·X

Why GREEN·X turbocharger is the best choice of practical solution?

1. Enhanced engine performance

- High Performance of GREEN·X G2X Impeller
- Efficiency of G2X compressor wheel is 5~10% better than that of OE

GREEN·X turbochargers with G2X impeller upgrade engine performance by 3~5% because efficiency of G2X impeller is 5~10% better than OE as you can see the compressor map. G2X impeller designed by GREEN·X technology ensures improvement of engine performance in torque.

2. Robust process for quality

- To secure quality of turbochargers, most of key components such as compressor wheel, turbine wheel assy and bearings are produced in GREEN·X plant
- Correct materials for components and high speed VSR machine secure durability of GREEN·X turbochargers

All components of GREEN·X turbochargers are designed by GREEN·X engineering team and produced in the GREEN·X plant. Also, by various inspection equipment, all components are inspected thoroughly for whether materials as well as every dimension are correct. Advanced production equipment such as 5-Axis cutting machine and electron-beam welding machine ensure the quality of all components. The best quality of components guarantee the best quality of turbochargers.

3. Proven durability

- Durability prove the quality
- Zero claim during 1 year in Korea

Durability of GREEN·X is proven surely because there is ZERO claim for GREEN·X during 1 year after launching in Korea. Durability entirely depends on the quality.

4. Improved fuel consumption

- High performance of GREEN·X G2X impeller
- High compressor efficiency of GREEN·X turbocharger

After installation of GREEN·X turbocharger, the fuel consumption of vehicle will be 3~5% better than before because the compressor efficiency of GREEN·X turbocharger is 5~10% better than that of the existing turbocharger. Better compressor efficiency goes to better fuel economy.

5. Save money

- High performance, durability … and Saving money
- Better fuel consumption saves your money

Even though GREEN·X turbocharger has high performance and durability, the price is so good. Considering better fuel consumption of 3~5%, the total amount of saving fuel may exceed the cost of GREEN·X turbocharger in some period of driving. Let’s enjoy the dynamic driving with GREEN·X.

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